Shein Review With Guide Shopping On Shein

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A review on SheIn to answer the popular questions ‘Is SheIn Legit?’, ‘Is SheIn Scam?’ a guide to shopping on Shein and every other popular questions bothering how genuine shein is and how good shein products are. If you’ve been looking for a shein review that answers these questions and more, then read further because you are at the right place at the right time to know everything about Shein, Shein products, Shein clothing quality and full Shein review. is a china-based website where you can get products like skirts, blouses and cardigans etc. When you think of a store that offers trendy stuffs, yet the prices are fairly okay, shein quickly sounds as the best option.
Shopping online can be fun and getting your products with a low budget can be appealing. Shein prices are significantly low if compared with other top sites. But, the ever-reoccurring question is how legit is this site? No doubt, shein is real.

Asking whether shein is legit is coming from certain areas for example, the hidden return policy and low-grade of some of their clothing which buyers rather consider as inappropriate.
The prices you see on the site are real however, that does not mean it will only attract positive reviews from people who have shopped from there.

Convenience, price comparison, customer service, are the main reasons for shopping online. When customers get anything short of that, it is displeasing and surely, it will attract huge negative reviews.
Buying from shein is cool. It is also pertinent you read aptly the reviews on the product you intend to buy. It is generally believed by many online buyers that shein is a one-stop shop where you can get trending stuffs with a low budget.

But, the nasty experience buyers often get after purchase makes the site allegedly tagged a scam site. Shein is real. Buyers should understand the fact that shein drops trendy and higher stuffs online. Then, makes a lower quality version of them at a very cheap price. This practice, most buyers consider as ‘’scam’’.

Before you consider shopping from Shein, here’re some tips that will guild you when shopping on Shein.

Shein Review

1. Quality products issue.

It is very common to see some trendy stuffs on shein site but, the quality sometimes, are not so cool. The wears appear very nice online. The exact quality you saw might be a different quality you will get upon arrival. This is because, you may not know the quality you will get. This will either have you request for a refund or you giving it away. Unfortunately, the possibility of getting your money back is never guaranteed. Once you buy it, it stays with you.

2. Fair Price(s)

One very interesting thing about shein, is that the prices of products are relatively cheap. But, the stuffs behind the prices are not so cool. The products are super cheap and hardly come in super quality. Whose fault? You or shein! You don’t expect a higher quality for a low amount. May be next time, you will go for ‘’expensive stuffs!’’

3. Online app

 Shein got it right on this. The online app is easy and runs smoothly. The app is for easy access. All you need do is to download the app. A click on it takes you directly to the site. Kudos to shein!

4. Sizing basics

This is where shein needs serious improvement. The size cart is hard to read. Making it clear and concise will enable buyers make the right decision. If you find it difficult to get your actual size from the size cart, always read reviews from people who have used the stuff and pay attention to the specific measurements. Take your time and go through the sizing measurement of the product you want to order. Sometimes, the measurements can be misleading. Better still, for you not to regret shopping from shein, you should know your size. If possible before you make an order, taking your measurement (make your tape handy) will determine if you are to buy or not.

5. Safe store to buy from

Shein store is one of the most trusted and safest online stores to shop from. The site has great security. To stay safe, make sure you download the right shein app. To get this, visit and download the app.

6. Shipping/arrival

The arrival time of the product(s) you ordered on shein, sometimes can be determined by location and quantity. Approximately. It takes 1-3 weeks to get your stuffs shipped to you. In some rare cases, it can take more than that. If you ordered and it is yet to arrive after this time, you should contact the customer service department to get more information.

7. Customer satisfaction

The cliché when the road is good, it will be walked upon several times is an aspect that shein should take seriously. This can either spur a buyer’s next visit or make the buyer never to visit the site. Shein’s customer service department is yet to be rated 5 star. The staff there needs to be proactive in discharge of their duties. The customer service department is kind-of the engine room of shein. Buyers often complain of late response from shein. A lackadaisical attitude could result to low patronage.

shein reviews 2018, honest shein review, shein reviews 2019, shein reviews bbb, shein reviews reddit, shein reviews plus size, where is shein shipped from, shein sizing

8. Return policy

Return policy simply means that a buyer can return anything purchased from a store especially, when it is still undamaged. Return policy does not work in all circumstances. Can you get your money back from shein if you are less satisfied? Shopping on Shein, does not grant you a return policy. This is one of the practices buyers frown at. Shein’s return policy can only work unless you paid shipping insurance fee. That’s to say you are responsible for the return cost. Its return policy seems to work on US customers. Please note: you only get a free return on your first order made within 40 days of placing an order.

9. Long term investment

Your experience shopping for the first or second time would determine if you’re to continue shopping on shein. The decision is up to you. If you want to consider the price you can get from shein, then you should keep shopping on stein.

10. Trendy stuffs

It is fascinating to see great stuffs to buy from shein. They are cool and trendy. If you are searching for stores where you will see latest stuffs, then visit shein’s site. Best things to buy from shein are stuffs like Skirts, loose blouses, bags, sandals, maxi dress and cool casual wears. If you’re on the lookout for corporate wears, shein isn’t the best option for it.