Dashiki Shirt

Dashiki Shirt can be any of the upper garment or top styles made from the popular fabric Dashiki. These dashiki shirts come in different styles and designs and that makes them super unique and a favorite to the people who have made it their top choice when they want to rock any African fasbric wear.
Dashiki shirts are popular upper garment worn in West Africa. It can be worn by both men and women and even kids, yes there are dashiki shirts for kids. In recent times, dashiki has become a trend; with different styles made with a dashiki shirt. It usually comes in multiple colors with lovely designs.
Although, Dashiki is an African fabric, it has cut across Europe, America and Asia, to become a global attire. You can use dashiki to make shirt, gowns and even skirts. There are different ways to wear a dashiki garment. Often times, men rock dashiki shirt with a pant trouser as a casual wear. Dashiki is now a contemporary ensemble. There are unique styles you can make with an African dashiki.
Dashiki is becoming popular by the day. It is commonly worn by Nigerians, Ghanaians, and Togolese. Dashiki is a unisex apparel that can fit in for formal or informal occasions. There are trendy styles you can make with a dashiki dress such as dashiki maxi gowns, dashiki T-shirts, and Long dashiki dress.
African dashiki shirt is a loose-fitting shirt often sewn with patch pockets and an embroidery at the neckline and cuffs. This is just a simple style some men and women like to make their dashiki look.
You can use any color of your choice to make a dashiki shirt or T-shirt. We have some amazing dashiki shirts for men and women in our collections.

Here are trendy dashiki shirts for men and women

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Black dashiki shirt for men. Image Credit: Diyanu.com









Wearing dashiki shirt is a trend and a way of promoting the Africaness in you. Although, it can be worn by anybody including the westerners, African dashiki shirt remains a culture for the African people. You can wear dashiki shirt to work, parties and even if you have a date. For women who wants a dashiki shirt, aside the popular V–neck collar popularly worn by men, you can make it as a t-shirt, a top or as a dress-shirt.
Dashiki is best worn during hot weather. The loose cut allows air- flow.

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